Information & FAQ - MASKS


Why do we send the mask like this?  When we began making these masks in March, we were servicing many different types of mask wearers and most importantly, those on the frontlines who had to wear their masks all day long.  Most frontline workers wanted a mask that went around their heads, to avoid pain on their ears. The other half wanted to be able to wear them on their ears.  So in order to fulfill both needs and stay on track to ship out all the masks that were needed, for the general public and the front lines, we developed a mask that allowed the wearer to choose their elastic option, as well it allows you to change out elastic or change your wearing option any time you wish.

Confused by the knot?  Tie it like a balloon, not like shoe-laces =) 

Does my mask have a filter?  All of our masks are made with a layer of tested Melt-Blown Non-Woven - Waterproof, but breathable Fabric.  This is sewn into the garment and is washable, but we do suggest that you do not dry this with heat, as it is a Melt-Blown fabric that could deteriorate with high dryer heat.  This layer provides the quilted layer that is recommended by the CDC to be a better preventative mask.  

My mask arrived and seems bulky?  We highly suggest throwing your mask in the wash before you wear it the first time.  Use a free + clear detergent, free of perfumes or toxins, which are not recommended for a face covering or the very sensitive skin of ones face. This will allow the mask fabrics to relax and your mask will feel and fit better for you.

What is the fabric on the inside of this mask?  We use a performance Moisture Wicking Fabric that was developed by Mizzen and Main, this helps keep your face from sticking to wet cotton while still providing the CDC recommended tightly woven fiber that they have deemed preventative.

Is this mask a medical grade mask?  NO. If you are needing a medical grade mask, we highly recommend that you order your mask from a company that has proper certifications and N95 Masks, which are the ONLY masks that are considered Medical Grade. 

What if the stitching loosens in my mask?  Please fill out our issue form, your mask should not have loose stitching and we would want to replace it for you. Be sure to upload photos for us so that we can document and learn from any issues and correct them going forward.

Where are these masks made?  We are a clothing and handbag design company based in Dallas Texas, these masks are designed, cut, and sewn all in house by our team of veteran seamstresses. We do not outsource any part of our production.