McCULLOUGH is the eponymous brand of Julie McCullough – a brand established, designed, and constructed in Dallas, Texas, USA. Introduced in 2017 and fully launched a year later, our clothing is decidedly unisex with oversized silhouettes and a minimalist style, blurring the norms of fashion identifiers by borrowing traditional silhouettes from both menswear and womenswear. 80% of the McCULLOUGH line is created to be machine washable and travel well, made with wo/men on the go in mind. These are clothes designed for the creative individual, with accentuated hemlines and striking details. In producing a genderless wardrobe complemented by distinctly masculine and feminine pieces, a modern and timeless collection has been created that will elevate any dress code ranging from streetwear to eveningwear.

We believe in conscientious production standards, sustainable sourcing, and socially responsible employment. Rather than pushing through mass-production runs, our skilled team members create each piece with care and quality – McCULLOUGH garments are designed to last. Our small-batch production model also ensures that you will be one of a select few individuals wearing one of these pieces.

The current McCULLOUGH collection is predominantly made up of blacks, grays, and neutrals with subtle debuts of colors like spruce, terra cotta, and toasted peach in mix-and-match garments including silk pants, slim-fit crop trousers, split-back jackets, hooded capes and oversized, tailored henley tunics, as well as unexpected eveningwear in everyday fabrics.