Masks - Covid 19 - Reusable Protection

Due to the Shortage of Masks in the Healthcare and Service Facilities Industries, we have turned our Clothing Sewing Studio in a Make-Shift mask production facility. We are currently making multiple styles of masks to meet the needs of requests coming in.

We are serving both the needs of the public and organizations. If you need a larger order, please contact us 



Know that your individual mask purchase is being used to fund masks for organizations and groups that might not have the budget for some or all of their mask needs at this time.

Currently, most mask orders are able to ship 3-4 days from when they are ordered.  Masks will ship first class mail unless you select otherwise and pay additional shipping charges.  We CANNOT allow for pick-up, as our Original Business  is a NON-ESSENTIAL business and we cannot risk being shut down for not following state orders.  As well, we just don't have the capacity to manage and stay focused on what we are doing, producing PPE for the frontline, you, and pick-ups. Thank you for your understanding.

Our facility is based in Oak Cliff - Dallas, Texas. We are a small run facility with 5 team members.  All products are designed, cut, sewn, and packaged in our facility.  Employees are under health observation, wear masks and all orders are packaged with the most care. 

We do not use any detergents on our fabrics and we suggest you do not either.  When washing your masks, please use white vinegar and / or baking soda or a NON-BIO NON-fragrance MILD detergent, and no-dryer sheets.  This mask sits right on your face and commercial detergents can break down fibers and irritate your skin and breathing.

We are creating about 1300 masks per week in our Clothing Design Studio, that has Make-Shifted into a Mask and PPE production facility due to the COVID 19 Pandemic.

We chose to close our retail store, Harkensback, in Bishop Arts District on March 14th.  Just days later, we were being asked to produce masks in our clothing design studio and while this is not our typical business, we wanted to help where we could.

Our goal is to create our masks in a functional form, with proper materials and comfortable wear, hoping that we can all wear masks to help fight this horrible virus affecting our country.  We are keeping the costs of the masks very low and we are using supplies we have, which are high quality natural fibers and blends from our clothing line, or can gain access to, meaning we may use contrasting thread to avoid changing the machines between colors, using whatever elastic cord our suppliers have in stock, and we appreciate your understanding, but you can be assured that the quality of materials and the masks is what you have come to expect from Harkensback and McCullough.

We have been in this business a very short time and not by choice, but to fill a need.  We ask that you have patience with us as we are doing what we can to maintain orders and the influx of requests from area hospitals, schools, clinics, police departments and other organizations that need the masks as well and will remain our focused priority, especially should things escalate with COVID-19 on the frontlines and the need for what we can create may increase.

We are working 2 shifts now in our little studio and we appreciate your support and kindness.  We are not running our typical business and level of customer support due to the urgency of getting products out the door as soon as we can. 

Thank you for understanding that we are not maintaining regular communications via email or phone at this time, as we had to lay off our retail / service personnel when we "temporarily" closed the doors on our NON-ESSENTIAL retail store in Bishop Arts District last month.

Should we make a mistake with your order or something doesn't seem right, please accept our apologies, we are doing our best and we will get it fixed for you right away.

Please contact us via our website chat / Facebook Messenger - @Harkensback or on Instagram, as during this situation, an Instant Message may be easier and more timely.  Do note that we only check it a couple of times a day, as we are in production all day, but we WILL respond to you. 

We must process orders in the order in which they are received, as we just aren't outfitted to do otherwise and we want to do our best to not make mistakes caused by exceptions.  

Again, we cannot Thank you enough for the grace during this effort to do what we can to help with the little resources we do have, and with the resources from sharing our masks with you, we are able to do so much more for those fighting every day in every city across this country. 

Be Kind, Be Safe, and we look forward to making beautiful clothes again on the other side of this.